Our Services

We offer a range of services that doesn't stop at disposal. If it involves digging, hauling, crushing, flattening, smashing, building, planting, and even cleaning, we want a piece of the action. Here's a full list of our services:


If it's junk or trash and you want it gone, we've got a truck for that. No load is too big or small. Our disposal services range from single load pickups to extended bin rentals (see below for more details on extended bin rentals). We can take pretty much anything you want to get rid of as well. Your junk is taken to local trash facilities where it's sorted and recycled wherever possible. Additional costs may be incurred for certain items. Mattresses, paint, drywall, tires, liquid wastes and chemicals all need to be specially handled and require different methods of safe disposal.


Got something stuck in the ground that needs to be dug out? No problem. Or maybe you just need a trench for that new laneway house you're building. Easy. We offer excavation services for all your digging needs. We use only top quality equipment, piloted by trained professionals to get the job done right. The first time.


Demolish, destroy, dismantle, decimate. Call it what you will, if it needs to be taken down, we've got the tools for the job. From old car ports, to garages, to houses and even small office buildings, we can tear it down. We'll even clean up after ourselves when the dust settles.

Concrete Services

Whether it's for a driveway, a retaining wall, a backyard patio, or a foundation, we can mix it, form it and pour it. On the other hand we can also break it, cut it, and remove it. Out with the old and in with the new is our motto. We have yet to meet a block of concrete we couldn't beat.


So we've torn it down, hauled the trash away, rebuilt-it and now you're ready to make it look pretty. There's just one problem. The yard's been ripped to shreds. No worries, we know what to do. We'll get you set up so all you have to worry about is whether to go with grass, gravel, or the Japanese zen garden.

Bin Rentals

Got a big project on the go? Need to keep that bin for a while? Great. We offer extended bin rentals at a great price. Keep it as long as you need. Our rates and rental periods are flexible, because we know that sometimes projects go long. And if you fill it up too quickly, we'll swing by and swap the full one out for an empty one. Just set it, and forget it!

Large Load Delivery

It's big and heavy and you don't want to bang up your new F-150 moving it yourself. That's understandable, neither would we. Luckily we offer Large Load Delivery services to keep that truck lookin' shiny and new. From tracktors to lawn mowers to jet skis to MRI machines. If we can fit it on the truck, we'll get it to you on time.